• A new step in combatting telephone fraud

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    A Royal Decree blocking, with a few exceptions, internationals calls with a Belgian number to Belgian numbers, was published today in the Belgian Law Gazette.
  • No candidacies for the auction of the 3410-3430 MHz band after a second call

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    During the multi-band auction of 2022, the 3410-3430 MHz band remained unsold. After a first unsuccessful call for candidates for the granting of rights of use in this frequency band, the BIPT launched another call.
  • E-commerce

    The postal market has undergone numerous technical and economic changes: The turnover of the postal market grew by 5% in 2018; This rate even increases at around 12.3% for the parcel and express segment; The parcel and express segment is still growing: per capita, a parcel was sent or an express service was used each month (on average) in 2018; In 2018, e-commerce represented 2.7% of the Belgian GDP.
  • BIPT strategic plan 2024-2026

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    The strategic plan of the BIPT determines the strategic axes and priority fields of activity of the Institute. It also contributes to the good administration of the BIPT.
  • Plans and reports

    As an independent agency, BIPT is of course accountable for its activities. Each year, in its annual report, BIPT gives an account of its activities of the past year. Every three years, the BIPT Council draws up a strategic plan, the final version of which is submitted to the Chamber of Representatives.
  • Annual report 2023

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    In the 2023 annual report, the BIPT gives an overview of the past year.
  • Microphones

    Lists of frequencies allowed for microphones and in-ear systems in a given area.
  • Belgium 2024-3

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    List of frequencies allowed for microphones and in-ear systems.
  • New comparative study by BIPT confirms high rates for stamps in our country

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    The pricing of the Belgian prior stamp proves significantly higher than the models predict.
  • Communication of 24 May 2024 on the evolution of the price of standalone mobile telecom services (2019-2024)

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    Between January 2019 and January 2024, the market for standalone consumer mobile subscriptions generally evolved positively.
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