Use Easy Switch.

Easy Switch facilitates the switching of operators if you have at least one Internet access service or one television service.

It relieves you from most of the administrative steps in case of a switch. Your new operator takes care of the cancellation of the old contract as soon as his services have been installed at your place.

What does Easy Switch?

  • Easy switch facilitates the switching of fixed operators. It is a standard procedure, unless you choose not to use it. In that case, you must terminate your contract by yourself with your previous operator.
  • If you use the Easy Switch procedure, you mandate your new operator to take care of the transfer in your stead, and thus to terminate the previous contract.
  • You only have to mention whether you want to transfer your number (including your mobile number if it is offered with the fixed services) or cancel it. In the absence of indications, the number shall remain with your previous operator (but your contract and/or the price may change).
    Certain operators do not allow you to keep a number without Internet access. If you do not indicate what you want concerning your number, you might lose it.
    So, gather all the necessary information!

Why use Easy Switch?

  • Easy Switch limits the duration of service interruption: the new operator contacts the operator you are leaving as soon as it is ready to provide you with the requested services. It takes care of the termination of the services and of the contract with the operator you are leaving.
  • Easy Switch limits the risks of a double billing. The operator you are leaving must stop charging you for its services no later than by the end of the day following the day it was informed of the transfer.

What should I take into account before taking my decision?

  • Check if you have taken out a fixed-term contract with your former operator. If you took out your contract less than 6 months ago, your operator may charge you a termination fee. This fee is limited to the subscription fee you would have paid until the 6th month of the contract.
  • Check if the operator sold you a device at a reduced price with the subscription. In that case, the operator can charge you the residual value of the device. This value must be indicated in a repayment table annexed to the contract. Each month, the same amount must be deducted from the residual value of the device. After 24 months, an operator can never charge you an indemnity for the device.

What do I have to communicate to my new operator?

  • The customer number your previous operator gave you,
  • The Easy Switch ID with your previous operator:
    You will find that code (a series of numbers and/or letters):
    • online, in your customer page;
    • in your invoice;
    • in the welcome letter or e-mail of your new operator since 1 July 2017.
  • If you wish to keep for 18 months your e-mail address with the name of the provider you are leaving.
    Certain operators allow you to keep the e-mail address without you having to request it. It is therefore recommended to contact your operator for more information.
  • The fixed and mobile number(s) you wish to transfer or cancel with your previous operator.
  • Possibly the date until which you wish the services to remain active with the operator you are leaving, while the services of your new operator have already been activated.
    This can be useful for instance when you move into a new home and change to a new operator.

What rights do I have when changing to another fixed operator?

Appointment in a half-day time slot

If the visit of a technician is required, you have the right to make an appointment within time slots of maximum half a day. That way, you do not have to take a whole day off.

Indemnity in case of missed appointment

If the technician did not show up at the agreed time, you are entitled, as a consumer, to an indemnity of € 10 per missed appointment. You have to claim that indemnity from your new operator, even if you know or suspect that the fault is attributable to another provider.

What are the other steps if I have requested an Easy Switch?

  • If you have a modem or a decoder from your previous operator, you will probably have to return it.
  • The new operator or his technician cannot return this to the previous operator in your place.

In which cases is Easy Switch not applicable?

  • If you have taken out a tariff plan for professionals.
  • If you wish to switch operators only for television, but not for the Internet or vice versa (partial migration).
    You must then terminate by yourself the services of the operator you are leaving.
  • If you move and remain with the same operator, the Easy Switch procedure does not apply either.

When is the Easy Switch procedure only partially applicable?

If you have taken out services with multiple operators.
You can only request the Easy Switch procedure for the transfer from an operator you are leaving to the new operator. You must terminate the other services by yourself.

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