The use of walkie-talkies

Without a licence

CB and PMR-446 radios can be used for hunting, without a licence.

With a licence

BIPT assigned 8 frequencies for hunting with a maximum power of 5 W for use throughout Belgium.

How to request a licence?

Licence through the Royal Society Saint-Hubert

The Saint-Hubert Society requests licences from the BIPT and distributes them among the hunters who ask for licences through the Society, for which the hunters are charged a fee by the latter. This licence remains valid for only one season (October, November, December). You pay an inspection and monitoring fee as well as annual handling costs.

Licence through the BIPT

The BIPT issues licences to hunters for a 10-year period. This licence can be suspended at any given time by means of a simple notification (by letter or e-mail). In addition the desired licensing period can be determined freely. You pay an inspection and monitoring fee as well as one-time handling costs.

Dog collars

  • There exist collars that require a licence from the BIPT. This licence is subject to an inspection and monitoring fee as well as one-time handling costs.
  • You will also find equipment on the market for which no licences are required and that may be used freely, in conformity with a number of conditions.
  • However, there is also equipment, the use of which is absolutely prohibited in Belgium: Garmin Astro may not be used in Belgium as the frequency used is not allowed by the BIPT.
  • Requests for a licence for the use of radio communications during hunting and dog collars can be submitted by means of this form.


BIPT - Licences Department
Ellipse Building C
Boulevard du Roi Albert II 35 box 1
B-1030 Brussels


Tel: +32 (0)2 226 88 15

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