My operator has been granted a derogation regarding roaming. What does that mean?

Operators have the right to submit an application to BIPT to receive a derogation allowing them to apply roaming surcharges in the European Union (and associated countries: Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein).

Currently no Belgian operator has been granted such a derogation.

Surcharges applied pursuant to such a derogation may not exceed the following amounts: 

What you do How much you pay
(VAT included)
You call Maximum 3.8 eurocents per call minute on top of the domestic tariff
You receive a call Maximum 0.94 eurocent per call minute
You send an SMS Maximum 1.2 eurocent per SMS on top of the domestic tariff
You receive an SMS No surcharge possible
You surf the Internet Maximum 0.34 eurocent per megabyte on top of the domestic tariff
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