With this draft communication the BIPT wishes to contribute to the debate on the possible introduction of mandatory payments by companies conveying content through the Internet, to the telecom operators. At this stage, it is not a definitive position of BIPT.

In this paper the BIPT compiles data and studies, in order to assess the necessity and desirability of a contribution obligation. This research could be adjusted in the future if new studies or more concrete payment mechanisms are presented.

On the basis of this first study, the BIPT believes that today the need for mandatory payments from Internet platforms to network operators is not sufficiently demonstrated in Belgium.

At the same time, BIPT emphasizes that cooperation between telecom operators (Internet Service Providers or ISPs) and internet platforms (Content and Application Providers or CAPs) contributes to a robust internet broadband ecosystem: CAPs and ISPs have a mutual economic dependency due to the importance of both powerful networks and the availability of interesting content. It is in the interest of both ISPs and CAPs to deliver content as reliably as possible to the end-customer.

In response to this first analysis, the BIPT asks interested parties (CAPs, ISPs, associations, citizens,…) to share their views on this subject or data that can contribute to the debate.

How to reply to this document? 

  • Until 26 june 2023 
  • Only by email to consultation.sg@bipt.be
  • With the reference “CONSULT-2023-B7” 
  • Contact person: Ruben Vaneechoutte, advisor (+32 2 226 87 37)
  • Please attach the cover form to your answer. 
  • Your comments should refer to the paragraphs and/or sections they relate to, and confidential parts

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