In its Decision of 24 May 2022, the BIPT blames the operator SEWAN for not having correctly completed the register of premium rate numbers enabling consumers to identify the service providers using 070X and 090X premium rate numbers.

For the infringement found, the BIPT imposes a fine of EUR 85,000 on SEWAN Belgium.


  • In its Judgement of 8 March 2023, the Market Court confirms the infringement but partially annuls the Decision of the BIPT Council of 24 May 2022 as it imposed a fine on SEWAN, the amount of which being not sufficiently motivated. The Market Court refers the case back to the BIPT Council so that it gives a new ruling on that amount.
  • The BIPT lowers fine imposed on Sewan to € 17,950 following Market Court decision of 8 March 2023.


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