The BIPT has commissioned a study regarding the sustainability of the telecom networks in Belgium. This study analyses the telecom networks’ footprint, specifically looking into the evolution of the energy consumption, the CO2 emissions, the water consumption and the waste processing of the past 4 years.

The study shows that sustainability already is an important theme for the three telecom operators examined and that the latter have already defined multiple initiatives and goals. During the 2018-2021 period their energy consumption dropped by 11% and the CO2 emissions by 38%. Although the Belgian telecommunications market is already CO2 neutral thanks to the emission allowances purchased, further efforts are made to continue to reduce the CO2 emissions. Among other things, operators are also working on reusing and recycling set-top boxes and modems to reduce the waste mountain.

This first study serves as a basis for the BIPT to continue to monitor the market on the one hand and to examine what can be done further as regards sustainability on the other hand.

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