The BIPT has commissioned a study regarding data centres and digital content providers in Belgium. The study analyses the commercial developments on the market and makes an inventory of the services offered there. In addition the way in which security and sustainability are dealt with, was examined.   

In comparison with the neighbouring countries the Belgian market appears to be rather small and is chiefly occupied by 3 parties who, combined, have more than 75% market share. However, there is a lot of movement in the market, which shows a strong growth with the entry of new players. All data centres pay much attention to security, using international certifications. Furthermore, in general, Belgian providers appear to be little concerned with sustainability issues, mainly concentrating on buying green power. This aspect contributes only little to their distinctive competitiveness. Only a few data centres are involved in international initiatives.

On the one hand, this study constitutes the basis for the BIPT to make an analysis of the social importance of those digital infrastructures and of how it can monitor this aspect. On the other hand, it offers an initial view of how the market deals with sustainability and of what the possible actions could be. 

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