Where can I find tariff information?

The operators offer various services at different prices.

You should know what consumer type you are in order to choose the most advantageous tariff for you.

You can find your "user profile" on the client page made available by your operator on his website to his subscribers.

You can also use the tariff comparison tool made available by BIPT for free to compare the various operators' offers. It can be found at www.besttariff.be.

Once a year your telephone operator has to mention on your bill which of his tariff plans is most advantageous for you. You can also ask him to let you know which tariff plan of his would be best suited for you. The operator has to answer you within 2 weeks maximum.

Information sheets are available for each tariff plan on your operator's website or in stores. Those sheets are mandatory and follow an imposed model. This makes it easier to compare the tariff plans of a single or several operators. Before you enter into a contract, your operator has to give you the sheet corresponding to the tariff plan you have chosen.