Which operator to choose for voice calls?

For voice calls you can subscribe to services offered by the operators providing the connection or to the services offered by:

  • an operator providing call services through a CPS or CSC access code (carrier (pre)selection code entered before each call or once for all calls) but using the telephone line to provide those services; the service is activated from a distance, but do not forget to ask about the terms that apply to your specific case;
  • an operator using a broadband connection to provide telephone services to you through the Internet protocol "managed voice over IP"; 
  • a provider of nomadic VoIP services (voice over IP) for which a special terminal is needed (specific computer or telephone) but offering a call number that can be used worldwide over the Internet; attention, for the moment operators who provide nomadic VoIP services are unable to offer access to emergency numbers (112, 100, 101);
  • a provider of VoIP services by means of which any number can be called over the Internet and through which you can be called when your appliance, usually a PC, is on (e.g. Skype).