Can I take out a subscription with an operator of another EU Member State and use it permanently in Belgium

The purpose of the European roaming regulation is not to allow permanent roaming, i.e. purchasing a subscription or a prepaid card from an operator in another EU Member State in order to use it permanently in Belgium.

The regulation allows the operators to apply a fair use policy to protect themselves from such use of roaming services. Exceeding the operator’s fair use policy may lead to surcharges.

These extra fees cannot exceed the tariffs below:

What do you do?

How much do you pay? (VAT included)

You make a mobile call

3.8 eurocent maximum per call minute on top of the domestic tariff

You receive a call on your mobile device

1.38 eurocent maximum for a call within the EU

You send an SMS

1.2 eurocent maximum per SMS on top of the domestic tariff

You receive an SMS

Free of charge

You surf the Internet

0.9 eurocent maximum per megabyte of data on top of the domestic tariff

For example, if you take out a subscription with a French operator, and you use that subscription permanently in Belgium, the French operator could apply the surcharges mentioned above.