Calling, texting and surfing while abroad: how does it work?

Calling, texting and surfing while abroad is called roaming. In that case, with your mobile device (mobile phone, smartphone, laptop or other) and with your "Belgian" SIM card you make use of a foreign operator's network to call, text or surf. This goes for both subscribers and holders of a prepaid card.

At the same time you can be reached on your device while abroad.

You yourself will not receive an invoice from the foreign operator, but your operator in Belgium will. The latter will then charge you the cost by way of your next invoice or by means of the prepaid card. 

The choice of the foreign operator can be made in two ways:

  • Your device is set on automatic and the foreign operator is chosen through the programming on the SIM card. In that case you do not have to do anything in order to connect to that foreign operator.
  • The automatic function is off. In that case you can manually select an operator while abroad. 

Good to know: When the name of a foreign operator is displayed on the screen of your device, it means your device is no longer connected to your usual operator's network but to that of the foreign operator in question and your device is in roaming.