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For about 25 years, BIPT has been regulating the electronic communications and postal markets in Belgium.

Even if BIPT was created by a law in 1991, in anticipation of the liberalisation of the telecoms and postal markets, its activities really started in 1993.

Since then, BIPT, as a federal regulatory body, has been carrying out regulatory and operational missions.

Besides regulating the aforementioned markets, BIPT, as an agency with multiple competences, manages the electromagnetic spectrum of radio frequencies, is the media regulator in the Brussels-Capital Region and fulfils various missions of public interest.

The regulation of these sectors by an independent organisation such as BIPT is crucial to ensure the sound functioning of the economy.

BIPT’s agents are proud to assume their responsibilities towards their clients: administrations, companies, associations, private individuals...

BIPT thanks all the stakeholders for the years of understanding and cooperation and promises them to keep on investing in transparency, independence and reliability, in order to make the regulated markets prosper for the benefit of all.

On 16 October 2018, the BIPT organised an academic session called “Competition and/or sector regulation after 2020”. You will find the speeches of our speakers below.

Introduction: Michel Van Bellinghen, BIPT Chairman

Johannes Gungl, BEREC Chairman and RTR CEO Telecommunications and Postal Services

William E. Kovacic, Global Competition Professor of Law and Policy, George Washington University

Agustín Reyna, BEUC Chief Competition Advisor

Hubert Gambs, Director, Modernisation of the Single Market, DG GROW European Commission

Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye: The art and science of safely sharing and using big data


Quelques photos de l’événement.

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